“You're in Charge.”

Responsibility is one of the biggest differences between online and traditional classes. With online learning, you are responsible for taking the initiative to:

Checklist Calendar
  • carefully read and understand the course syllabus
  • communicate problems to your instructor
  • provide a place to study
  • obtain all of the course materials
  • make time to watch lectures
  • schedule interview or consultation appointments
  • complete tests and assignments by the deadlines
  • learn the course material
  • ask questions

You’re the boss of managing your coursework. Keep one SCHOOL calendar for all courses so that you can see the big picture. Look over and update your school calendar at least once every day, even on weekends. Schedule due dates for absolutely everything:

  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Lecture videos
  • Chapter reading
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Papers
  • Worksheets
  • Interviews
  • Online meetings

Instructor Communication

Check your grades weekly. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand or disagree with. Don’t wait until the end of the course!

It can take a couple of days for online course instructors to respond to your emails or voicemails. So plan accordingly. Review homework directions a week or more before the due date, in case you have questions. When possible, reach out to classmates. If disaster strikes, let your instructor know as soon as possible what is going on. Instructors are normally willing to work with you if they can see that you are making a reasonable attempt to complete the work. We care about our students. As a result, we all have harrowing stories to tell about student crises. Your instructor’s responsibility is to help you by providing a framework, content, and guidance so that you can complete the course successfully.