Cloud Computing

Learn online. At your convenience.

On your own personal schedule.

Sounds pretty good, right?

To have the best experience, to reap the rewards and advantages of online learning, it’s important be prepared. Internet-based education is different in many ways from traditional in-person coursework. If you want the benefits of online classes, then get ready. I’m sharing specific approaches that over the years have proven to be effective. You need to do more than simply buy a laptop and ink pens. As a teaching professional, a lifetime learner, and a parent, the strategies you're about to read have helped my students and members of my family achieve academic excellence.

If you’re interested in online education, please explore this website. You might pick up a tip or two that could make all the difference.

Hoping you enjoy the journey,


What do online classes mean to you?

  • Sleeping in until noon.
  • Studying in PJs on the sofa.
  • Taking a break whenever you want.
  • Munching on Oreo’s during class.
  • Watching Netflix during lunch.
  • Don’t have to fight the traffic every day.
  • Keeping a full-time job while learning.
  • Opportunities to take classes that are not available in your community.
  • Education environment for special needs.
  • Personal enrichment.
  • An affordable degree.
  • Providing enriched education for kids.
  • Career advancement.
  • Free college.
  • Earn credit for graduation requirements.